Councillor Randolph Asks Mayor to Immediately Restore 44 Firefighter Positions
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Councillor Randolph Asks Mayor to Immediately Restore 44 Firefighter Positions

In reaction to statements from the Mayor's Office, Councillor Isaac "Ike" Randolph Jr. (District 1) is asking Mayor Bart Peterson to keep his word to the taxpayers and the Indianapolis Firefighters Union Local 416 and restore the 44 positions the Mayor promised to fill if he was able to merge the Indianapolis Police Department (IPD) and Marion County Sheriff's Department (MCSD).

"Last year Mayor Peterson threatened to layoff IPD officers and Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) firefighters unless he was allowed to merge the two law enforcement agencies. Now, less than a year after the City-County Council granted his demand, he is refusing to keep his promise to the taxpayers," said Councillor Randolph. He added, "As an Indianapolis firefighter on the frontlines, I know firsthand how hard it is for three firefighters to do the work of four especially during record high temperatures. We need these positions and we need them now."

All sides agree that both IFD and the Washington Township Fire Department was not at the requisite manpower recommended by national standards, putting the two together does not solve the manpower problem, but only adds to it.

Councillor Randolph said, "When taxpayers call 911 they expect to have a fully manned emergency apparatus show up at their door. It is dangerous for firefighters and citizens to cut manpower especially during the summer. We can do better."

"I'm disappointed that Mayor Peterson refuses to make public safety his priority and is now willing to jeopardize the safety of firefighters and the public. I'm only asking him to keep his word and restore the 44 firefighter positions," said Councillor Randolph.

Randolph is a twenty-year veteran of the Indianapolis Fire Department. He has been on the Council since January 2004. He represents Council District 1, which encompasses Northwest Pike Township.

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