Council Approves Loan for Jail Beds
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Cherrish S. Pryor
Council Approves Loan for Jail Beds

Indianapolis - Tonight, by a bipartisan vote, the Indianapolis City-County Council amended and passed Proposal No. 398, 2006, which authorizes the City of Indianapolis to make a $1.1 million loan from the Sanitary Liquid Waste Fund (SLWF) to the County General Fund. The funds will pay for 200 additional jail beds in Marion County which will be supplied by the Community Corrections Agency (CCA). The vote on the proposal was the first step in securing funding for jail beds.

In a new proposal, $1.1 million will be appropriated to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department budget, which will be passed at the full Council meeting on August 28. The CCA has agreed to add the 200 additional jail beds immediately even though actual appropriation of the funds will be considered at the August 28 Council meeting.

President Gray said, "The escalating number of murders in Marion County clearly demonstrates the urgent need for the Criminal Justice Planning Council to continue to develop a long-term solution to our criminal justice system problem." He added "We can’t continue to let people die or live in fear before action is taken. With the leadership and direction of the Criminal Justice Planning Council, we should all be working on developing a strategy to prevent the increasing incidences of murders and other crimes in our community."

"While we are adding jail beds we need to continue working on a solution to keep our community safe," said President Gray.

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