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Councillor Talley and Grandson Help Beautify and Add Value to Neighborhoods
Councillors Receive Award For Their Outstanding Work on Human Rights
Councilman Gibson Seeks Update on Central Library Expansion
Councilman Gibson applauds the Mayor and IPS Superintendent
Forum to Focus on Solutions to Unmanageable Downtown Crowd
President Gray’s Thoughts on Coretta Scott King
Monroe Gray Becomes Council President
Council Approves Fire Departments Merger
Councillor Pfisterer’s Jobs Fair A Huge Success
Council to Hold 2nd Annual Kids Health Festival
Council Approves Loan for Jail Beds
City County Council Actively Promotes Senior Health
President Gray Gives Full Support to Fire Department Merger
Cross Section of Community Leaders to Hold Forum to Address Unmanageable Downtown Crowd
Councillor Mansfield’s Hard Work Lands Nature Park in District
Councillor Randolph Asks Mayor to Immediately Restore 44 Firefighter Positions
City Council To Actively Promote Seniors’ Health
Proposal on Jobs To Get Consideration in Committee
Councillor Randolph to Vote for Fire Consolidation and Encourages bi-partisanship on Brizzi Ordinance
Bateman Assumes Council Role
Councilman Gibson Joins Organization in Celebrating the Importance of Fatherhood
Council’s 2nd Annual Kids Health Festival will Provide Free Immunizations
Councillor Talley Receives an Answer from INDOT on Noise Abatement
Councillor Conley will be taking a short leave of absence
Councilman Gibson will seek Council's full support for early college high school
Council Amends Proposal
Council Takes Lead on Senior Health
Council to Hold Hearing on Dog Violence
Council Resolution on Inclusive Communities Passes with Bipartisan Support
Councilman Gibson Calls On Funding to Prevent Crime
President Talley Puts Family First
Councillor Oliver leads effort to honor Crispus Attucks High School’s 1956 Indiana State Championship Team
President Gray Applauds Committee Passage of Dangerous Dog Proposal
Councillor Franklin Sponsors Dog Violence Proposal
Councillor Conley’s Neighborhood Program wins National Award
Council to Explore Measure to Alleviate Property Tax Burden
Councillor Pfisterer to Host Community Jobs Fair
Councillor Randolph to Speak on Panel
Councillor Talley honored
President Gray Names Committee Chairs
Council Republican Leader to Unveil Comprehensive City/County Funding Action Plan
Dangerous Dog Proposal Passes Council
Councillor Randolph Calls For End to Taxpayer-Funded Luxury Suites at Local Stadiums
Councillor Nytes Advises Committee Members to Vote No on
Councilman Gibson requests update from Library
Child Protection Proposal Returned to Committee
Talley Teaches Class in IUPUI Political Science Department
Councillors Support Jail Beds In Marion County