Councillor Steps Up to Fund Public Safety
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Christina Cesnik
Councillor Steps Up to Fund Public Safety

Indianapolis Councillor Vernon Brown will sponsor the introduction of the Mayor’s proposal to use County Option Income Taxes (COIT) to fund improvements for public safety as an alternative to raising property taxes.


Councillor Brown said, “I think every responsible citizen recognizes that it is essential to fund public safety adequately.  We need to be more vigilant about the safety of our citizens.  Raising the COIT is not a popular choice, and during an election year, it is certainly not the political thing to do, but I feel that it is the right thing to do.  It will provide much needed funding to fulfill our pension liability for retired police officers and firefighters and provide revenues needed to enhance and improve public safety to adequately win the war on crime.  I hope that increasing funding for public safety is a subject that Councillors on both sides of the aisle will support.  While this is not perfect, this is the only option the State Legislature gave.  These changes are the result of House Bill 1478, which gives the authority to set certain rates to the State, but also has provisions for local government.” 


In addition to the proposal being considered and passed by the City-County Council, it will also be considered by the remaining members of the county income tax council, which include the Town Councils of the cities of Beech Grove, Lawrence, Southport, and Speedway.  


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