Councillor Angela Mansfield introducing a Firearms Safety Proposal
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Christina Cesnik
Councillor Angela Mansfield introducing a Firearms Safety Proposal

IndianapolisCouncillor Mansfield will introduce a Firearms Safety proposal to the Council Monday, March 26, 2007, amending Chapter 451, Weapons, of the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County to expand the prohibition of shooting firearms to cover the entire consolidated city rather than the old city limits.

Councillor Mansfield said, “The original 1975 ordinance only covered the old city limits, but now, in 2007, most of the areas outside of the old city limits are well developed and densely populated.  Unfortunately, some individuals shoot firearms in the air or at targets and hunt in inappropriate areas such as in or close to residential neighborhoods”.

Councillor Mansfield began her work on this proposal over a year and a half ago because of gunfire in her neighborhood as well as receiving calls from constituents and other Indianapolis residents.  She received a call from a Cold Springs resident who was alarmed to see a deer-hunting stand in her neighborhood and to learn that hunting was not prohibited in the area.  A Butler-Tarkington board member told Councillor Mansfield that his neighborhood association was concerned about persons hunting along White River and the canal shooting up the banks towards their homes. 

Recognizing that there are gun shops with shooting galleries outside the old city limits and that there are some areas of the city such as in the southeast part of the city that are not developed and shooting may be safe, she worked with some National Rifle Association members and a former gun shop owner to develop some exceptions. The exceptions include the possibility for temporary shooting to be permitted provided that it is determined by the sheriff to be safe. As these areas are developed they too will no longer be available for shooting.

She said, "We must work to keep our neighborhoods safe. Although this will not prevent criminals who choose to use weapons for violence, it will help prevent dangerous situations and provide law enforcement with another tool”.

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