Indianapolis Colts To Visit City County Council
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Christina Cesnik
Indianapolis Colts To Visit City County Council

IndianapolisThe Indianapolis Colts’ owners, coaches, and players will visit the City County Council at the meeting on April 16, 2007 at 7:00 p.m., following an invitation by President Monroe Gray.  During their visit, the Colts will greet the Councillors and display the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy.


President Gray said, “The Colts’ victory was one that displayed class, team spirit, and persistence.   Although, they had been written off many times, this team never gave up and proved that working hard will lead to victory.  This team has been the pride of Indianapolis for many years because of their class and generosity of spirit.  We are now able to also take pride because our team, the Indianapolis Colts, have proved that nice guys do finish first.”




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