President Gray to Reinstate the Council Investigative Election Committee
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Christina Cesnik
President Gray to Reinstate the Council Investigative Election Committee

Indianapolis - Today, City-Council President Monroe Gray announced that he will reinstate the Council’s Investigative Election Committee.  The Investigative Committee was created by Proposal No. 292, 2004 which passed the full Council on June 7, 2004.  The committee will be asked to revisit the issues of recruitment of election day volunteers for positions of inspectors, precinct boards, and delivery of election day materials as it first reported on in August, 2004.


President Gray said, “He continues to support the primary driving force behind Proposal No. 292, 2004, that:  “the right to vote is the most basic and fundamental right in any democratically established society”, and noted that the May 8, 2007, primary election was too much of a grim reminder of the general election of 2003.”  The investigative committee was formed after the general election of 2003 because the election results could not be certified until some six weeks following the close of the polls. 


The investigative committee’s report made eighty-five (85) recommendations to the Election Board, including the recruitment and training of election day workers.  “As is our duty, we have spent the people’s money to finance a fair and effective election process, but again the results are not good.  We will exercise the due diligence expected of us and will again investigate and make recommendations for a better process of delivering an election.  I, too, will ask that the Republican leader appoint Republican members of the Council to the committee and hope that this time they will participate in finding and making suitable recommendations to the Election Board to help protect this most essential right”, President Gray said.  


President Gray chaired the investigative committee in 2004 and said that he will announce his choice for chair of the investigative committee at Monday’s meeting of the full Council.


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