Council Passes Budget for Fiscal Year 2008
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Christina Cesnik
Council Passes Budget for Fiscal Year 2008

Indianapolis  After a month of budget hearings, public input, and several changes, the Council passed the 2008 budget for the city and county.  The budget is $1.2 million less than the original request and continues the $13 million decrease in the 2007 budget.  Several agencies made cuts in their budgets to help reduce their property tax levies. 

President Gray, with the agreement of several Councillors, thanked those agencies that voluntarily cut spending.  He said, "Citizens need basic services and this budget provides for that, while reducing the city's dependence on property taxes."  He continued, "I especially appreciate the greater involvement of the citizens of our community who have attended meetings, sent in questions and suggestions, submitted the survey, and have taken an interest in working with the Council during this budget season.  I welcome continued input throughout the rest of the year as the Council debates many issues that affect the lives of our citizens."

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