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Council to Host Investigative Election Committee Meetings around the County
Council President Congratulates Super Bowl Champions, Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts
Councillor Angela Mansfield introducing a Firearms Safety Proposal
Councillor Brown Joins Eastside Ministers in Today’s Vigil for Jamitra Mitchell
Administration and Finance Committee Approves COIT Increase to Fund Public Safety
Council President Monroe Gray Announces changes for the July Council Meeting
President Gray to Reinstate the Council Investigative Election Committee
Borst urges Legislature to adopt Hometown Matters to cut property taxes and fund vital City services
Council President Monroe Gray Calls for More Public Input in the 2008 Budget Process
Councillor Jackie Nytes Celebrates International Education Week
President Gray offers $2.6 million in Additional Property Tax Cuts
President Gray Conveys the Council's Sympathy to the Family of Elwood Black
At-Large Council Members Endorse Anti-Crime Funding Plan
Council President Thanks Public Works Employees for Quick Snow Removal
President Gray Requests Investigation By Ethics Board
City-County Councillors Sponsor Suit Drive April 23 – 30, 2007
Council Passes Budget for Fiscal Year 2008
Investigative Election Committee Releases Report with Recommendations
Council Passes COIT Increase to Fund Public Safety and Limit Property Tax Growth
Indianapolis Colts To Visit City County Council
Council President Asks All City and County Agencies to Make Further Budget Cuts
Council President Monroe Gray Addressed the DLGF Today
Councillor Jackie Nytes among Indianapolis officials attending the National League of Cities Congress of Cities
Councillor Pfisterer Sponsors Third Annual Job Fair this Month
Council President Monroe Gray Offers Solutions to Property Tax Crisis
Budget Hearing Goes on the Road
Council President Monroe Gray Supports the Mayor and Offers Suggestions for Tax Relief to be Considered in a Special Session of the General Assembly
Councillor Steps Up to Fund Public Safety