President Cockrum Announces Committee Chairs and Senior Staff Positions
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Christina Cesnik
President Cockrum Announces Committee Chairs and Senior Staff Positions

Indianapolis – After being elected by his peers, Council President Bob Cockrum announced his fellow officers included Kent Smith, Vice President, Lincoln Plowman, Majority Leader, and Joanne Sanders, Minority Leader.  He named the new Chairs of the Council’s committees and their members, as well as the senior staff appointments. The announcement was made after the Committee on Committees meeting and voted on by the full Council. The appointments are as follows:


Committee on Committees: Bob Cockrum, Chair, Lincoln Plowman, and Joanne Sanders.


Administration and Finance: Marilyn Pfisterer, Chair, Paul Bateman, Susie Day, Barbara Malone, Jackie Nytes, Joanne Sanders, and Ryan Vaughn.


Community Affairs: Kent Smith, Chair, Paul Bateman, André Carson, Susie Day, Brian Mahern, Michael McQuillen, and Christine Scales.


Economic Development:  Jeff Cardwell, Chair, Jose Evans, Robert Lutz, Brian Mahern, Barbara Malone, Mary Moriarty Adams, and Kent Smith.


Metropolitan Development: Lincoln Plowman, Chair, Ginny Cain, André Carson, Jeff Cardwell, Jose Evans, Ben Hunter, Dane Mahern, Janice McHenry, and Jackie Nytes.


Municipal Corporations: Michael McQuillen, Chair, Ed Coleman, Robert Lutz, Dane Mahern, Barbara Malone, Jackie Nytes, and Cherrish Pryor.


Parks and Recreation: Susie Day, Chair, Vernon Brown, Ginny Cain, Monroe Gray, Janice McHenry, William Oliver, and Mike Speedy.


Public Safety & Criminal Justice: Ryan Vaughn, Chair, Vernon Brown, Bob Cockrum, Ed Coleman, Mary Moriarty Adams, William Oliver, Marilyn Pfisterer, and Christine Scales.


Public Works:  Ben Hunter, Chair, Ginny Cain, Dane Mahern, Angela Mansfield, Janice McHenry, Mary Moriarty Adams, Cherrish Pryor, Christine Scales, and Mike Speedy.


Rules and Public Policy: Robert Lutz, Chair, Bob Cockrum, Ed Coleman, Monroe Gray, Angela Mansfield, Lincoln Plowman, Joanne Sanders, and Mike Speedy.


Special Investigative Committee:  Ginny Cain, Co-Chair, William Oliver, Co- Chair, Paul Bateman, and Marilyn Pfisterer.


Senior Staff appointments include Robert Elrod, General Counsel, James Steele, Chief Financial Officer, Melissa Thompson, Clerk, Angela Gonzalez, Assistant Clerk, and Andrea Scott, Assistant Clerk.