PTABOA Final Determinations
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​Notice of Final Determinations

 I.C. 6-1.1-15-1.2 (c), (f)

                                   2018 PTABOA Preliminary Agreement Approvals
January [PDF, 6.78MB] February [PDF, 7.87 MB] March **
April [PDF, 10.9 MB]  May  [PDF, 5.19MB] June [PDF, 7.40 MB]
​July [PDF,8.73 MB] ​August [PDF, 10.1 MB] ​September [PDF, 18.8 mb
​October *** November [PDF, 5.31 MB] ​December



                                         2018 Approved Withdrawals
January [PDF, 4.68 MB] February [PDF, 5.98 MB] ​March **

April [PDF, 8.25 MB]

May [PDF, 2.09 MB] June [ PDF, 4.65 MB]
​July [PDF, 4.02 Mb] ​August [PDF, 7.53 MB] ​September [PDF, 13.8 MB]
​October *** ​November [PDF, 3.17 MB] ​December


* Pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-15-1.2 (j), if your appeal was heard by the hearing examiner, a final notice of assessment (Form 115) will be mailed after the monthly PTABOA hearings.
** March PTABOA not held.
*** October PTABOA not held