2004 Budget
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The proposed Marion County 2004 Annual Budget is available in a series of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.  An agency's budget is located under the City-County Council sub-committee that reviews the budget.

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Marty Womack's Presentation to Council 2004 Budget Speech
Introduction (Table of Contents)

Budget Introduction

Financial Summary Financial Summary
Administration and Finance Sub-committee:
  • Administration
  • Auditor
  • County Commissioners
  • Election Board
  • Voter's Registration
  • Coroner
  • Treasurer
  • Information Services Agency
  • County Assessor
  • 9 Township Assessors


Admin & Finance


Community Affairs Sub-committee:
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Guardian Home
Community Affairs
Public Safety Sub-committee:
  • Clerk
  • Public Defender
  • Prosecutor
  • Prosecutor Child Support
  • Forensic Services
  • Sheriff
  • Community Corrections
  • Circuit Court
  • Justice Agency
  • M. E. C. A.
  • Marion County Superior Court
Public Safety
Metropolitan Development Sub-committee:
  • Recorder
  • Surveyor
Metro Development
  • Profile, Economic Trends, Statistics