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Marion County Auditor's Office


Homestead Deductions and Verification: As required by law, the Auditor’s Office recently removed homestead deductions for which property owners failed to verify the homestead deductions in 2011, 2012 and 2013. A qualifying owner may still be able to verify his or her homestead deduction using the "Homestead Verification Information and Forms" link to the right. 

If you believe you remain qualified for the homestead deduction, please complete the Homestead Verification Form provided by the link and fax it to 317-327-8078. Once our office processes the Homestead Verification Form, you may contact the Treasurer's Office to obtain a revised tax bill, if applicable. Please allow at least two (2) weeks before requesting a revised tax bill. Thank you!

Tax Sale and Redemption:  Per IC 6-1.1-25-2(f), a redeeming party must also pay any taxes or penalties that have accrued since the date of the tax sale. For example, if a property sold at tax sale in late 2013, the Spring 2014 tax installment must also be paid in order to redeem the property​​​. 

If you have questions about a tax sale property, including obtaining a redemption amount, please contact the following Tax Sale Specialists directly:

​​Charlene Calhoun: (317) 327-2071​​​ 

Dawn Ketchem: (317) 327-4651              

The Marion County Auditor is a constitutional officer who also serves as secretary of the Board of County Commissioners

Auditor's Office Responsibilities

In Marion County, the Auditor is responsible for:

  • Distribution of revenue collections to county taxing units and local government entities
  • Managing accounts payable, accounts receivable and performing accounting functions for all City and County agencies and departments
  • Preparing payroll and coordinating employee benefits administration for all City and County agencies and departments
  • Accepting applications for and maintaining property tax deductions for all county property owners (property owners can apply for various deductions to reduce their taxes)
  • Managing records and notices of sale of real estate delinquent in taxes, and
  • Accepting and managing petitions or remonstrances and certifying the names of property owners

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