Name and Address Change
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Name And Address Change

For accuracy of records it is important that both the custodial and non-custodial parents' personal information remains current at all times. This ensures that all correspondence and/or checks can be mailed directly to you. Child support mail is never forwarded and it will be returned to the Clerk's Office.

Upon the initiation of a child support case, the attorney generally provides this information to the Child Support Division. However, it is the responsibility of both the custodial parent and non-custodial parent to maintain the personal information for the life of the child support case. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, name changes, addresses and Social Security numbers. View the name or change of address form.

Name changes and address changes require a copy of your driver’s license be submitted along with the request. The signature on the driver’s license is compared to the signature on the submission to validate the request.

All child support information is confidential and held in confidence in accordance with federal guidelines.