Election Forms
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Election Forms


Absentee Voting
Application to Vote by Mail for 11/06/2018 General Election 
​Application to Vote by Traveling Board for 11/06/2018 General Election​
Information for Military & Overseas Voters



Election Day Workers
​2018 General Democratic Board Form​​​
2018 General Republican Board Form​ 
​2018 General Election High School Student Poll Worker Permission Form

Marion County Online Poll Worker Application

Inspector Materials Pick-Up Proxy Form



Campaign Finance
​2018 Indiana Election Division Campaign Finance Manual
​(CFA-1) Candidate's Statement of Organization and Designation of Principal Committee or Exploratory Committee
(CFA-2) Political Action Committee or Legislative Caucus Committee Statement of Organization
​(CFA-3) Report of Regular Party Committee Statement of Organization
​(CFA-4) Report of Receipts and Expenditures of a Political Committee
​(CFA-5) Notice of Contributions and Expenditures to a Candidate's Committee
​(CFA-11) Supplemental "Large Contribution" Report by a Candidate's Committee ($1,000 Contributions or More)


2018 ​Candidate Forms
2018 Indiana Election Division Candidate Guide
​CAN-1 Candidate Filing Challenge Form
CAN-2 Declaration of Candidacy for Primary Nomination in 2018
CAN-3 Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate for 2018
CAN-4 May 2018 U.S. Senate Primary Ballot Petition
CAN-10 2018 Primary Election Candidate Withdrawal
CAN-12Statement of Economic Interests for Local and School Board Offices
CAN-16 Town Office Declaration of Candidacy by a Party Candidate When No Town Primary Is Conducted in 2018
CAN-19 November 2018 Petition for Nomination for Federal, State, State Legislative, or Local Office
CAN-20 Consent of Independent or Minor Political Party Candidate Nominated by Petition for Election in 2018
CAN-22 Party Chairman Certification of Libertarian Nominees for County and Large Town Offices and Candidate's Consent to Nomination
CAN-23 2018 State Party Chairman Certification of Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican Party State Convention Nominee
CAN-24 2018 General Election Candidate Withdrawal
CAN-26 Declaration of Intent to be a School Board Write-In Candidate in 2018
CAN-27 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a Federal Office in 2018
CAN-28 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a State Legislative Office in 2018
CAN-29 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a Local Office in 2018
CAN-31 Declaration of Candidacy and Written Consent to Fill a Ballot Vacancy in 2018
CAN-34 Petition of Nomination and Consent for School Board Office Election in 2018
CAN-37 Declaration of Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman or State Convention Delegate
CAN-40 Replacement of Candidate Nominated by Petition in 2018
​2018 Democratic and Republic State Delegate Districts by Precinct



Other Forms and Guidance from the Indiana Election Division

State Publications
2018 Indiana Election Calendar Brochure
Political Disclaimer for Signs & Other Advertisement (Oct. 2014 rev.)



With the exception of the board forms and high school student poll worker program application, forms and manuals produced by the Indiana Election Division.