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Marion County Election Board

Voter Experience Project

About the Project

Marion County’s fleet of aging voting equipment must be replaced as it is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain the overall health of the first generation machines. Additionally, current software contracts expire in 2014 and it is unclear whether or not these systems will continue to be supported by the vendor or certified by the State of Indiana.

Before purchasing equipment, the Marion County Election Board must first determine the type of voting experience residents want in order to make the most responsible fiscal decision. Indiana law permits two main types of voting – precinct-based and vote center. There is also the opportunity to take the best ideas of both methods and develop a hybrid plan that is consistent with state law. Each approach requires different voting technology; however, before an investment is made, a thorough vetting of the future of voting in Marion County must be conducted.

In February 2013, the Marion County Election Board launched the Voter Experience Project, an effort to begin this community-wide conversation. To first study the issue, the Board has invited political party leaders, poll workers, elected officials, city-county partners and advocacy groups to learn more about election administration, and share their feedback on how to apply Indiana's voting models to meet the needs and challenges of the 12th largest city in America. After careful deliberation, the study group will present their findings to the Board members, who will then host a series of community meetings to allow the public to express their opinions.

Phase 1: Study Group

Invited political party leaders, poll workers, elected officials, city-county partners and advocacy groups will be immersed in basic election administration and tasked with providing feedback on how a large city can apply the two voting models currently available under Indiana law: vote center and precinct-based voting. Ball State’s Bowen Center for Public Affairs is partnering with the Election Board to provide their experience on accessibility needs, voting equipment and security measures. The Study Group ratified its report at the July 15, 2013 meeting.

Download your copy of the Voter Experience Project: Study Group report.


Study Group Membership:

Marion County Democratic Party
Marion County Republican Party
Marion County Libertarian Party
Co-Directors of the Marion County Board of Voter Registration
Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council
Marion County Office of Finance & Management
Marion County IT Board
Greater Indianapolis NAACP
League of Women Voters of Indianapolis
Central Indiana Council on Aging

Phase 2: Community Conversation

After the Study Group's work is completed, the Election Board wants to hear from Marion County residents. Feedback gathered at a series of public meetings will supplement the Study Group Report, which will be used to inform the Election Board's decision-making when the time comes to purchase new voting equipment. The dates, times and locations of the community meetings are as follows:

VEP Public Meeting Presentation
VEP Public Feedback Supplemental Report
​Date ​Time ​Location
Sat., Sept. 21 ​11A Julia Carson Government Center, 300 E Fall Creek Parkway N. Drive
​Mon., Sept. 23 ​6P ​Lawrence Township Government Center, 4455 McCoy Street
​Mon., Sept. 30 ​6P ​Perry Township Government Center, 4925 Shelby Street
​Mon., Oct. 7 ​6P ​Warren Township Government Center, 501 N Post Road
​Mon., Oct. 21 ​6P ​Washington Township Government Center, 5302 N .Keystone Ave. Suite E
​Mon., Oct. 28 ​6P ​Wayne Township Government Center, 5401 W. Washington St.

Administrative Effort: Request for Expression of Interest

The Marion County (Indiana) Election Board recently released a Request for Expression of Interest (REI) seeking information relating to the potential to enter into a contractual arrangement with one or more qualified providers for new election machines, equipment, systems and services for our jurisdiction. There were six (6) responses received by the deadline - five voting equipment; one auxiliary service. View the responses received here.


Voter Experience Project: Study Group Report

Study Group Meeting Schedule & Materials

​Date & Time ​Topic
​March 27, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Organizational Meeting


​April 15, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Election Fundamentals ​Presentation Feedback
April 29, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Poll Workers & General Procedures Presentation Feedback
May 6, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Polling Sites & Accessibility ​Presentation Feedback
​May 20, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Voting Technology Presentation Feedback
​June 3, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Security Needs Presentation ​Feedback
​June 24, 5:30PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Costs & Administrator Roundtable Presentation
​July 15, 5:30 PM,
Public Assembly Room
​Final Draft Report & Ratification Presentation

Meetings will be held on the 2nd floor of the City-County Building in the Public Assembly Room. The public is welcome to attend any of these sessions, but will be asked to provide any comment in writing on cards available at the meeting. Every effort will be made to address the questions at the conclusion of the meeting if time permits.

Press Releases
Online Meetings

Other Materials:

Fact Sheet, from February 2013 MCEB meeting
Rules of Conduct, adopted March 27, 2013
Jurisdictional Information (April 15, 2013 meeting)
Current Vote Center Laws  (April 15, 2013 meeting)
Bond Resolution for 2002 Voting Equipment Purchase
Sample Polling Location Contract (May 6, 2013 meeting)
ePollbook Requirements (as outlined in SEA519, 2013)   (June 3, 2013 meeting)
Questions for Election Administrators (June 24, 2013 meeting)