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Voting on Election Day

​In Indiana, the polls are open from 6A to 6P local prevailing time. Marion County voters go to their assigned polling location during this 12-hour period on Election Day. Polling locations are selected by the Mayor’s office and made available to the Election Board 29-days before each election. If you are voting on Election Day, make sure you know where you go to vote. You can be election ready by using the Marion County Voter Information Portal.

When you arrive at the polling location, you’ll likely be greeted by volunteers politicking on behalf of their favorite candidate. Once you enter the ‘chute’ – it should be noted with a sign saying ‘No Campaigning Beyond This Point’ – you have officially entered the polling place and no politicking should occur from this point. However, if you receive literature from a campaign volunteer it’s OK to bring it in with you but please do not leave it in the voting booth. You should take it with you when you leave.

When you enter the voting area, make sure you go to the correct precinct table! If you are not sure of your precinct, you can be election ready by visiting the Marion County Voter Information Portal, calling the Voter Information Hotline (317-327-VOTE or 317-327-8683) OR asking a poll worker for help.

Once you establish you’re at the right precinct table, you’ll then be greeted by a bi-partisan team of Clerks, who will ask your name and to see your photo ID (Photo ID Law). If your ID meets all four requirements under Indiana law, you will be asked to sign the poll book, which is a list of all registered voters living in the precinct. The clerks will ask if you want to vote using a paper ballot or the iVotronic touch screen machine, which is available to all voters but has additional features to assist voters with disabilities.

If you opt for a paper ballot, the clerks will initial the back of your ballot, hand it to you and direct you to a voting booth. Take a moment to read the instructions at the top of the ballot and then simply darken the ovals to the left of the candidate you're supporting. You'll then go to the voting machine and slip your ballot in to it.

If you choose to vote using the touch-screen machine, a judge will initialize the equipment, select the appropriate ballot for you and walk away. You’ll then touch the screen to make your selections and be given an opportunity to review them. To cast your ballot you can either touch the screen or the red “VOTE” button on the top. The iVotronic does have an audio-enabled ballot for voters with low vision or no vision and can be removed from its base to place on a wheelchair table or other surface.

That's it! Voting is really that simple. Be election ready and use the Voter Information Portal to review sample ballots, find out who represents you and determine where you go to vote on Election Day.

First time voters are often nervous when they enter the polling location for the first time. To view a video with Marion County Clerk Beth White who explains what to expect at the polls, click here.

Indiana Disability Rights:  Your Rights at the Polls Video

Voter Challenge Rules:

Schoettle - File-Marked Consent Judgment.pdfSchoettle - File-Marked Consent Judgment.pdf