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Traveling Board

Traveling Board is an option for voters who are confined to their home due to illness or injury as well as their caregivers and voters with disabilities who believe their polling location is inaccessible to them. A bi-partisan team of commissioners will be dispatched with the voter’s ballot and deliver it to the address indicated on the voter’s application. Appointments are limited because of the compressed time frame for this service under Indiana law, so voters are encouraged to apply early to secure their appointment.

To request a traveling board, you must first complete an absentee ballot application. Applications are not kept on file and must be completed each election that you want to vote by traveling board. Please pay close attention and complete the application fully.

The application asks for general information about you, including the address where you are registered to vote. The registration address on the application must match the address in the voter registration system. (If you have moved or changed your name since you last registered to vote, it’s your responsibility to update this information with your local Board of Voters Registration - Marion County residents, click here.) You can include a different address where the traveling board can meet you, which is often true for voters living in a rehabilitation facility or nursing home.

You do not need to include a copy of your photo ID to vote by traveling board. Please include a working telephone number so our staff can reach you to set up a mutually agreeable time for the traveling board’s visit. For May’s primary election, you must also indicate your ballot preference – Democrat or Republican – on the application. You cannot mark both and if this information is missing, you will receive a notification letter and new application to complete and submit.

 Please make sure to sign and date the application. If your signature is missing, you will receive a notification letter and new application to complete and submit. 


The deadline to submit an application to vote by traveling board for the 2018 Primary Election is NOON, Monday, November 5, 2018.  Again, appointment times are limited; voters are encouraged to submit traveling board requests well in advance of the state’s deadline.

 Here are the ways Marion County voters can submit their absentee application before the deadline:

  • Mail – Marion County Election Board, 3737 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
  • Fax(317) 327-3590
  • Hand-Deliver (during regular business hours) – Marion County Election Board, City-County Building Room W144, 200 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204


QUESTIONS? Please call our office at (317) 327-5100 or email