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Poll Worker Positions

​The precinct election board includes one Inspector and up to two Judges, one from each major political party. Although not officially part of the board, there are generally two Clerks at each precinct, who are also assigned by the major political parties.


The Inspector is the 'boss' of the precinct. Responsibilities include ensuring the polling place location opens and closes on time, checking a voter's ID, issuing challenges and overseeing the accounting of ballots. Inspectors must arrive at the polling location by 5AM in order to open the site with the precinct election board by 6AM and work the entire day. Polls close in Indiana at 6PM, though poll workers generally have about an hour’s worth of work to complete before returning their materials to a regional location. In addition to these responsibilities, all Inspectors must attend at least one training session and pick-up their Election Day materials the Saturday before Election Day. Inspectors must be at least 18 years old and a registered voter of Marion County. This position earns $110.

Judges & Clerks

At the polling location, Inspectors are supported by a bi-partisan team of Judges and Clerks. A Judge checks a voter's ID, issues challenges, assists voters with disabilities and aids with the accounting of ballots. Clerks greet voters, process voters in the poll book, initial and provide ballots to voters and perform signature counts throughout the day. Training is available to all poll workers. Clerks and Judges can work a full day (5A to about 7P) or a half day (5A to 12P; 12P to about 7P). Generally, Clerks and Judges must be a registered voter in Marion County. However, Indiana law does permit high school students that are 16- or 17-years old serve as a Clerk or Judge on Election Day through its student poll worker program. Clerks and Judges earn $70 for a full day of work; $35 for a half day.

Student Poll Worker Program

The student poll worker program requires a student to be at least 16-years old,  have permission from their parent/guardian AND their school as well as a 3.0 GPA (or equivalent). Many area high schools coordinate poll worker efforts, so your student may want to check with their government teacher or school principal before contacting our office. Students are expected to serve in the same manner as their adult counterparts (attend training and work specified hours). They are also paid for their time - either $70 for a full day or $35 for a half day. Download a permission form for the next election on our Forms page.

Counters and Couriers

COUNTERS will be paired in bipartisan teams with the task of separating an absentee ballot from its paperwork. Before a ballot can be separated from its paperwork, Indiana law requires that the paperwork must be checked for signature verification, precinct verification, and poll worker initials among other requirements. Once the ballots are separated, the bipartisan teams will place the ballots in an envelope for counting with the DS850, high-speed ballot counter. A second bipartisan team will receive the ballots at the DS850 and witness the ballots being counted in the machine. As a last step, this team will record the number of ballots counted.
COURIERS will be paired in bipartisan teams with the task of delivering and retrieving absentee voter lists from the polls. If the Marion County Election Board passes a resolution allowing Couriers to deliver and retrieve lists without a bipartisan partner, then Couriers will be completing their duties alone. Most of the day will be spent in a cab traveling to polling locations and delivering and retrieving lists from each precinct.
To be a Counter or Courier on Election Day, please contact the Marion County Election  Board via phone at (317) 327-5100, via email at elections@indy.gov, or come to the office in person. The Marion County Election Board is located inside the City-County Building at 200 East Washington Street Suite W122, Indianapolis, IN 46204.
For more information, please view our Counters and Couriers Instruction Sheet.