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The precinct election board includes one Inspector and up to two Judges, one from each major political party. Although not part of the board, there are generally two Clerks at each precinct, who are also assigned by the major political parties. However, Indiana Election Code provides that precincts can be managed by one Inspector. Inspectors must be at least 18 years old and a registered voter.

In essence, the Inspector is the 'boss' for the precinct. Responsibilities include ensuring the polling place location opens and closes on time, checking a voter's ID, issuing challenges and overseeing the accounting of ballots. Inspectors should arrive at the polling location by 5 a.m. in order to open the site with the precinct election board by 6 a.m. Inspectors are required to work the entire day and earn $110 for the day.

At the polling location, Inspectors are supported by a bi-partisan team of Judges and Clerks. A Judge checks a voter's ID, issues challenges, assists voters with disabilities and aids with the accounting of ballots. Clerks greet voters, confirm signatures in the poll book, initial and provide ballots to voters and perform signature counts throughout the day.

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