Case Types
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Case Types

Case Types and Further Information

Case Types Heard at Juvenile Court:

JC – Juvenile Children in Needs of Services
JD – Juvenile Delinquency
JS – Juvenile Status
JT – Juvenile Termination
JP – Juvenile Paternity
JM – Juvenile Miscellaneous
GU – Guardianships
MI – Drug mediation cases

Attorneys of Record:

All inquiries about a case must be done in writing or in person due to the confidential nature of juvenile cases.

Parties to the Case:

All inquiries about a case involving paternity, delinquency, truancy and other matters must be asked in person at our office due to the confidential nature of these cases.  You will be asked to show a valid Indiana Driver's License or Indiana State Identification Card.   No information will be released over the telephone or in writing concerning pending actions, motions filed, payments received, fees owed, or restitution due or paid.

Court Dates and Appearances:

If you are a party to a case unable to appear on a scheduled court date, contact your attorney immediately.  If you do not have an attorney, contact the Chief Bailiff of the Juvenile Court at (317) 924-7565.