Required Information
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Required Information

​The couple must be able to provide the following information to successfully complete their marriage license:

    • Name, place of birth, birth date (month, day, year) and address
    • Names of any dependent children
    • Full name of father and, if possible, his residence and his birthplace
    • Mother’s maiden name and, if possible, her residence and her birthplace

If you or your fiancée have previously been married, the license application requires you to provide the month, year and manner in which the marriage ended (e.g. divorce, death, annulment). If either applicant has been divorced for less than 60 days, a copy of the divorce decree must be provided.

You can complete a draft of your marriage license application online before coming to the Clerk's Office; however, both applicants must appear in the Clerk’s Office in person to finalize the application process and pay the filing fee. It's not necessary that the couple come together - each person can finalize their part of the application separately.

If necessary requirements are not met, the marriage application may be held for no longer than 60 days, after which time it will be voided. Once issued, a marriage license is valid for 60 days during which time the marriage must be performed.