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Where to Apply

In Indiana, Marriage Licenses can be issued on the same day of application. Please submit your completed application for a Marriage License to our staff by 4:00 PM to allow enough time to provide you with your Marriage License the same day as your application. There is no legal waiting period to obtain a Marriage License and no witnesses are required. Marriage Licenses are valid for 60 days during which time the marriage must be performed. You can apply for your Marriage License online at https://mycourts.in.gov/mlpublic/.

Indiana Residents:

    • If the couple both reside in Marion County, then they must apply for their license in the Marion County Clerk’s Office even if they plan to marry in a different location within Indiana.
    • If the couple both are Indiana residents and intend to marry in Indiana but only one person lives in Marion County, then the couple can either apply in Marion County or the home county of their fiancé. For example, if one fiancé lives in Marion County but they other lives in Hamilton County. Because both live in Indiana, they can choose to apply for the license in Marion OR Hamilton County. It is not necessary to apply in both.
    • If the couple are both Indiana residents AND do not live in Marion County, then they must apply for their license in their home county even if they intend to marry in Indianapolis.
    • Indiana residents marrying in another state or country should research the appropriate family laws in the jurisdiction where they intend to marry. In this case, they do not apply for a marriage license in Indiana.

Out-of-State Residents:

    • If the couple both live out of state but plan to marry in Indianapolis/Marion County, they must apply for their marriage license in the Marion County Clerk’s Office.