Special Delivery! Voter postcards in the mail
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Angie Nussmeyer, 327-5099

Special Delivery! Voter postcards in the mail
Nearly 630,000 registered voters to receive
updated precinct and polling place location information this week

INDIANAPOLIS – Marion County Clerk Beth White announced today that the Voters Registration Board began mailing postcards notifying nearly 630,000 registered voters county-wide of their precinct and polling place location.

Information on the postcard includes:

• a signature line;
• name of the county;
• the date the postcard was processed;
• voter's name and registration address;
• polling place name and address;
• voter ID number; and
• ward and precinct.

This card should be considered a replacement for any previous voter registration cards. If the information on the card is correct, voters should sign and keep the card for their records. However, if a person wants to update their registration information, they should complete the information on the right-side of the postcard, sign and mail it back to the Voters Registration Board.

"Our colleagues at Voters Registration are working under the same compressed timeline as we are in revising the county's precinct information," said Marion County Clerk Beth White, who also serves as the Secretary of the Marion County Election Board. "We appreciate their efforts in notifying every registered voter in the county of their new precinct information and polling place location before the upcoming special election."

All registered voters in Marion County should receive the postcard before the March 11, 2008 special federal Congressional election. However, this does not mean that all who receive the card are eligible to vote in the special election. Only registered voters living in the 7th Congressional District are eligible to vote on Tuesday, March 11.

Of the nearly 630,000 registered voters in Marion County, about 467,000 live within the boundaries of the 7th Congressional District. There are two ways to find out if a voter lives within those boundaries:

• Call (317) 327-VOTE (327-8683) and press 1 for Voters Registration. Staff will look up the voter's information to confirm their eligibility.

• Use the polling place locator on the Election Board's Web site – www.Indy.Gov/Election08. Click the link, type in an address and press search.  A message will appear telling the person if they live in the 7th Congressional District. If they do, their polling place location will be on the screen. If they do not, a message will ask them to check back after the March 11, 2008 special election.

About Marion County's Voters Registration Board and Election Board
In Marion County, the Voters Registration Board and Election Board are two separate entities. The bi-partisan Voters Registration Board is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the accuracy of Marion County's voter registration database. The Election Board is governed by three-member board, one member from each major political party and the Marion County Clerk. The Election Board is responsible for administering elections.

About the new precinct map and polling locations
In late December 2007, a new precinct map was approved for Marion County, reducing the number of voting precincts from 917 to 590. (Of those 590 precincts, 445 are within the boundares of the 7th Congressional District.) By statute, the County Executive (who is the Mayor in Marion County) selects and arranges for the polling locations. In early February, the Mayor's office selected and approved the list of polling place locations for the March 11 special election. There are 301 polling locations for the special election.

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