Marion County Clerk and Superior Court Judges tout mortgage foreclosure prevention
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March 18, 2009

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Marion County Clerk and Superior Court Judges tout mortgage foreclosure prevention

Clerk White, Judges Ayers and Dreyer appear before Senate Judiciary committee today

INDIANAPOLIS - Marion County Clerk Beth White and Marion County Superior Court Judges David Dreyer and Cynthia Ayers testified before the Senate Judiciary committee this morning regarding their efforts to prevent mortgage foreclosures in Indianapolis and in support of HB 1176.

The foreclosure process begins in the Clerk’s office, where lenders file the initial complaint. Clerk staff then mails the court summons and a copy of the complaint to the borrower. In the spring of 2007, Clerk White directed her staff to begin including a flyer that provides contact information to the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network’s toll free hotline: 1-877-GET-HOPE.

“Unfortunately, foreclosures are poised to become an even larger issue in our community, state and country,” Clerk White said. “When you receive notice of foreclosure, there is still time to get help – and you are not on your own. Our office is in a unique position to disseminate information to homeowners about the services of the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network and we are glad to partner with them.” 

Another important component to the county’s foreclosure prevention efforts is the Marion County court’s recent addition of a new local trial rule (see attached for 49TR85-231). This rule offers a settlement conference as an option to get the parties together in an effort to resolve the issue in a manner that is satisfactory to everyone.

“This bipartisan judicial effort will make a positive impact on our community as foreclosed properties usually become abandoned properties, which affects surrounding property values and stymies the overall viability of the neighborhood,” added Judge Ayers.

For more information and data about mortgage foreclosures in Marion County, visit and look under ‘Court Records and Filings.’

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