Clerk White and Clerk's Office Honored by Lambda Legal
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​Clerk White and Clerk's Office Honored by Lambda Legal

​INDIANAPOLIS - The Marion County Clerk’s Office and Marion Clerk Beth White were honored Friday night by Lambda Legal during its “Indiana Benefit” celebration.
Lambda Legal’s Indiana leadership team honored Clerk White and her staff during this year’s benefit as a way to recognize the swift action and leadership taken in June when Indiana briefly recognized same-sex marriages.
The Marion County Clerk’s Office was the first office in Indiana to announce it would issue same-sex marriage licenses when the U.S. District Court declared Indiana’s ban on same-sex unions unconstitutional. Clerk White also solemnized the first same-sex marriage performed in Indiana.
“Any elected office is really just an opportunity – an opportunity to do as much good as you can for as many people as you can,” said Clerk White in a recorded message. “I simply feel lucky at this time in history to have had the opportunity to further the manifestations of [Lambda Legal’s] efforts.”
From June 25 to 27, 2014 the Marion County Clerk’s Office issued 586 marriage licenses, performed 457 marriage ceremonies, and raised more than $10,000 in voluntary donations for the Indiana Youth Group.