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Public Notice

Notice of Issuance of Order or Opinion - Rule Amendments (2016)


Notice of Order Amending Indiana Administrative Rule 8 Uniform Case Numbering System 9.23.2016

 Notice of Proposed Local Rule Amendment LR40-CR2.2-100 Random Assignment of Criminal Cases 9.6.2016

Notice of Proposed Local Rule Publication LR39-CR00-103 Grand Jury 8.22.2016

 Notice of  Proposed Local Rule Adoption, Finding Good Cause to Deviate From The Schedule For Amending Local Court Rules, and Requesting Comments  5.25.2016

Notice of Amendment to Trial Rule 86 4.12.2016

Notice of Proposed Amendment to Local Rules on Small Claims at LR49-SC00-502/Attorney Fees 4.5.2016

 Order Regarding Local Rules for Caseload Management 2.25.2016

Notice of Issuance of Order or Opinion - Rule Amendments (2014)

Administrative Rule 9
Admission to the Bar & Discipline of Attorneys
Appellate Procedures
Evidence Rules
Jury Rules
Professional Conduct
Small Claims
Criminal Rules
eFiling Rules
Original Action Rules
Post-Conviction Rules
Tax Court Rules
Trial De Novo Rules
Trial Rules

Notice of Proposed Local Rule Amendments, Finding Good Cause to Deviate from the Schedule for Amending Local Court Rules,and Requesting Comments (2013)

Random Assignment of Civil Cases at LR49-TR 3-200.

The Judges of the Marion County Courts in compliance with the provisions of Trial Rule 81 give Notice of proposed amendments to their local court rule concerning Random Assignment of Civil Cases at LR49-TR3-200.  And, pursuant to Trial Rule 81(D), the Judges find that good cause exists to deviate from the schedule established by the Division of State Court Administration for the publishing of amendments to local rules. Accordingly, the Courts issue the following proposed amendments to the Marion County Local Court Rules and ask for comment from the bar and the public. Underlining indicates proposed additions and striking through indicates deletions. Due to the Marion County Courts conversion to the Odyssey case management program on May 13, 2013, the amended rule will be effective on May 13, 2013.

Comments to this proposed Local Rule amendment will be received through Noon on June 7, 2013. Comments to this proposed amended Local Rule should be e-mailed to the Office of the Court Administrator, c/o Andrea Newsom, at or mailed to:

Andrea Newsom
Office of the Court Administrator
Marion County Circuit and Superior Courts
200 East Washington St., Ste. T-1221
Indianapolis, IN 46204