Filing Fees
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Filing Fees

Effective July 1, 2013 (No changes in 2014)

Case Description Case Type ​Amount
​Adoption ​AD ​$141
​Change in Venue/Transfer to Indiana County ​​Same as cost to file new case
​Civil Collection ​CC ​$141
​Civil Plenary ​PL ​$141
​Civil Tort ​CT ​$141
​Domestic Relations ​DR ​$161
​Estate (Supervised or Unsupervised Administration) ​ES/EU ​$161
​Estate (Will/Inheritance Tax w/o Estate Administration) ​EM ​$0
​Guardianship ​GU ​$161
​Hardship License ​MI ​$141
​Judicial Review (as listed under IC 9-30-10-7) ​MI ​$118
​Juvenile Paternity (if filed by private counsel) ​JP ​$180
​Juvenile Miscellaneous or Termination ​JM/JT ​$140
​Miscellaneous Civil ​MI ​$141
​Mortgage Foreclosure ​MF ​$191**
​Protective Order ​PO ​$0
​Reciprocal Support ​RS ​$141
​Trust ​TR ​$161

*In very few cases, protective orders (PO) can be filed in Probate Court as part of estate administration. If a PO is filed in Probate, the filing fee is $161.

**The state's $50 mortgage education fee was reinstituted by the Indiana General Assembly effective May 10, 2013. The legislation sunsets the fee on January 1, 2015.

Accepted Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Money Order (payable to the Marion County Clerk)
  • Credit/Debit Card (nominal service fee added to the transaction)
  • Attorney's Check

Sheriff Service Fee

The county Sheriff will collect a one-time $13 service of process fee per case.  A separate check for this fee should be made payable to the proper county Sheriff.

Additional Defendants

On all cases, each additional defendant is an additional $10.

Fee Waivers

For information about filing a request for a fee waiver, click here to be redirected to the Indiana State Supreme Court's website. Please note: If you are requesting a fee waiver, you must provide proof of income in order to have the fee waiver considered.