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Any new case filed in Marion County can be served by certified mail or Sheriff’s Service. Follow our instructions for filing a new case and the additional copies for the respondents will be delivered by your choice of:

Certified Mail

  • There ​is no additional fee for an initial mailing to One Address of each party required to receive the mailing -- it's included in your filing fee.
  • Mailings to additional addresses, per party, shall be paid by the filer. The process for mailings to additional addresses is the same as service per Local Rule 205 (see below).
  • Petitioners on new cases only do not need to provide an envelope and the green certified mail card and receipt unless  they are serving one party at more than one address. If this is the case, the process is the same as Local Rule 205 for each additional address served (see below).
  • To track receipt of service provided by certified mail, call (317) 327-4470.
  • For service on additional items, Marion County Local Rule 205 requires all motions, orders, alias summons, amended complaints, etc. include:
    • a completed certified mail card, ensuring the Clerk's Office address has been placed on the return portion of the mail card;
    • a completed certified mail receipt;
    • an addressed envelope; and
    • certified mail postage.

Sheriff Service

  • The Marion County Sheriff’s Department can serve summonses on a new civil case for an additional $25.
  • For this type of service, you must bring a separate check for $25 made payable to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.
  • To track receipt of service provided by the Sheriff, call (317) 327-2461.