Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan


Recognized as nationwide expert in: Death Investigations

We provide competent, quality, and efficient service in determining the cause and manner of death in unusual circumstances.


Implemented through an office culture founded on pride and peer accountability, where members will maintain the highest ethical standards.

Compassionate Service
Employees committed to building an effective team to serve the local community as the advocate for the deceased and their families in times of need and sorrow, as well as providing law enforcement and the Prosecutor with the tools needed to prosecute offenders and protect the community.

Strive to be seen by ourselves and others as a proud, professional organization with emphasis on continuous personal improvement.


The Coroner's Office serves all those who die in Marion County, their families and other associated agencies in the investigation of unusual and unexplained deaths, resulting in timely and accurate completion of the Coroner's Verdict and death certificates.

For all decedent affairs, the office provides:

  • Public Education
  • Support
  • Compassion
  • Confidentiality