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1/26/2017 4:51 PMNo presence informationJones, Morgan

Marion County Community Corrections - Management Team

140 East Washington Street
Name Title Phone Email
Tyler Bouma Executive Director 327-1111
Jennifer Gray Chief Deputy Director of Programs   327-1111
Scott Hohl Chief Financial Officer  327-1111
​Laurel Reed ​Contract Manager ​327-1111
Amanda Benson Electronic Monitoring Coordinator  327-1111
Jill Jones  Le Liaison 327-1111
Charles Kelley Electronic Monitoring Coordinator 327-1111
Joe Smith Electronic Monitoring Coordinator ​327-1111
Troy Blazier Electronic Monitoring Coordinator 327-1111
​Caleb Livesay ​Mental Health Coordinator ​327-1111
​QA Coordinator ​327-1111
​​Ian Doyle ​Call Center Supervisor ​327-1111
Katherine Shiba Court/Field Team Supervisor 327-1111
Training Coordinator  327-1111
Alex Larr Intake Coordinator 327-1111
Outreach Coordinator 327-1111
​Program Specialist ​327-1111
​Christy Smeehuyzen ​Screening Analyst ​327-1111
Krysten Gagliano Intake Team Leader 327-1111
Jason Boyd Intake Team Leader  327-1111
Brooklynn Baker ​Team Leader ​327-1111
​Team Leader ​327-1111
​Team Leader ​327-1111
Brittany Simpson ​Team Leader ​327-1111
​Gloria Quintana ​Team Leader ​327-1111
​Hilary Alley ​Executive Assistant ​327-1111
Duvall Residential Center
Name Title Phone Email
Shannon Bowling Duvall Residential Manager 327-2500
Chief Deputy Director 327-2500
Kelli Wildrick Community Transition Program Coordinator  327-2500
Jessica Fink Residential Programs/Re-Entry Coordinator  327-2500
Nathan Riley  Maintenance Coordinator 327-2500
Andrew Steagall Security & Operations Coordinator 327-2500
Michelle Allen ​Training Coordinator ​327-2500
​Danish Abbasi ​Program Specialist Manager ​327-2500
​Samantha Moore ​Program Specialist ​327-2500
 ​Rebecca Wheeler ​Team Leader ​327-2500
​Patricia Montgomery ​Employment Specialist ​327-2500