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Home Detention Component

​Electronic monitoring offers the offenders the opportunity to remain at home serving their sentence while receiving strict supervision from the Community Corrections staff.  Community Supervision Managers (CSM) conduct both face-to-face contacts and telephone checks on participants at both home and work.  Participants are allowed to leave home for the purpose of employment, counseling/treatment appointments, education, medical appointments and religious services.  MCCC Community Supervision Managers provide referral information and follow-up to clients and their family members who are in need of assistance in the following areas: substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, employment assistance, housing and education, etc.

Electronic Monitoring is located at 140 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.  Currently, we are contracting with 3M for electronic monitoring, GPS and alcohol monitoring services.  A member of the Community Corrections staff monitors the compliance of these contractors. 

All individuals placed on electronic monitoring must reside within the local calling area (no long distance calling).  All individuals are placed on electronic monitoring.  The requires that each individual have, and be able to maintain, a residence. 

All participants, except those who are declared indigent by the Court will be assessed a $75 initial hook-up fee plus a $12 per/day supervision fee during the term of their placement.  As such, all participants who are physically able will be expected to maintain full-time verifiable employment. 

All payments are to be mailed or brought into the local EMERGE Monitoring office, located on the 2nd floor of Marion County Community Corrections  The address is: 140 East Washington Street 2nd floor, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM.  Payments can be made with Credit/Debit cards, Money Orders or a Cashier's Check, and by telephone.