Addictions Intervention
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Addictions Intervention

The purpose of the Addictions Interventions Component is to enhance offender accountabililty, maximize treatment benefits, and assist in rehabilitation for each participant. Through an intensive team approach, program participants will be more successful in completing their sentence, will have greater guidance in supervision throughout the rehabilitative process, and will have more contact and rapport with the agency, which in turn will reduce recidivism.

The Addictions Intervention Component targets offenders with substance abuse issues who have been convicted of non-violent felonies. Offenders who have a history of repeated substance abuse, probation violations, or who are awaiting a direct commitment for a bed in a residential component may be eligible for placement in the Component. In addition, offenders who are determined to have violated the conditions of Home Detention by positive urinalysis results and/or failure to attend substance abuse treatment may be suitable for the Addictions Intervention Component in lieu of the agency recommending placement in the Department of Correction.

All participants will be required to participate in substance abuse treatment, have frequent contact with their Community Supervision Manager, and submit to frequent drug and alcohol testing. Each participant will have an IRAS (Indiana Risk Assessment Screen) completed as well as the TCU II Drug Screen (Texas Christian University Drug Screen). These results will be shared with the treatment provider as will other pertinent information regarding the individual's sentence with our agency. A case plan to address criminogenic risks and needs will be generated based on the IRAS results. Depending on assessed risks and needs, offenders may also be referred to other programming such as Thinking for a Change, GED classes, employment services, or parenting classes.