Community Transition Program
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Community Transition Program

Offenders who have been sentenced to the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) and are near completion of their sentence may become eligible for release to this program.   They must be within 180, 120, 90, or 60 days of completion of their sentence, depending upon the charge class of the offense for which they were convicted, to be considered.  The IDOC is responsible for initiating the referral process on these cases.

In order for an offender to be placed in the Community Transition Program, the judge must approve his or her release from IDOC.  Once released, many of the offenders will be placed in a work release setting to begin their transition back into the community.  Those offenders with both a stable residence and working phone with no features, may be placed back into their home upon release. 

Some offenders will be placed with the Reentry Court while on the Community Transition Program where they will receive substance abuse and mental health treatment while under supervision.  All offenders placed in the Community Transition Program are expected to gain employment and remain drug and alcohol free.  Offender fees are based on the program they are enrolled in.