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Grant Management

A component of the continued success of the agency is the receipt of State and Federal Grant Monies. The agency continually pursues grant opportunities and has been fortunate in receiving federal and local awards over the past several years. This section develops, monitors, and oversees all functions associated with locating, submitting, and administering State and Federal grants, including the identification of laboratory needs involving casework, equipment requirement, etc. The section is also responsible for compiling data concerning grant activities and preparing detailed reports in accordance with grant requirements. Due to the unique functions in a forensic laboratory, the grants process for the I-MCFSA requires institutional knowledge in forensic science and accreditation standards of the laboratory. In 2010, the agency was successful in receiving grant awards for the purchase of equipment for several sections of the agency, to provide training and development, to purchase supplies, and to assist in the analysis of forensic cases.

The National Institute of Justice has awarded this agency from the following grant programs:

  1. Forensic DNA Backlog Reduction Program
  2. Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Program

State funds were also awarded to the agency through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute These include:

  1. Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Program
  2. Project Safe Neighborhood Program

A partnership with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department led to grant funds awarded to the agency for the:

  1. Solving Cold Cases With DNA Program