Forensic Evidence Technician
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Forensic Evidence Technicians

The Forensic Evidence Technician Unit consists of 3 Forensic Evidence Technicians and 1 Unit Supervisor. The Forensic Evidence Technician uses the following skills in their position: photography; documentation; proper collection, preservation and packaging of evidence; swabbing for DNA evidence; taking post-mortem fingerprints; report writing; video and digital imaging knowledge. The FET Unit provides forensic support and investigation activities for law enforcement agencies throughout Marion County.

The major function of the FET Unit is to assist the forensic pathologist with complex medico legal autopsies involving homicides, suicides, vehicle crash fatalities, and other questionable deaths. Their responsibility during the autopsy includes collecting evidence, photography, and taking post-mortem fingerprints for identification and/or elimination. The Forensic Evidence Technician may be called to testify in court.

The FET Unit is also responsible for the collection, processing, and accountability of sexual assault kits from Marion County hospitals. The FET Unit provides photography support for various tasks and other sections throughout the laboratory as well as overseeing the storage of old crime scene videos and uploading new digital videos to our server. Support is also available for investigations involving video and digital evidence through training received for video and image processing. This oftentimes will include the use of the video enhancement system AVID paired with Ocean Systems Tools and Adobe Photoshop.

Gunshot wound to the body

Image Enhancement from a videotape (photo provided by Ocean Systems)