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Indianapolis - Marion County Forensic Services Agency

Forensic Services Agency

The Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency is a full service forensic laboratory, accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors-Laboratory Accreditation Board, (ASCLD/LAB) under the ASCLD/LAB International (ISO 17025) program. As a forensic laboratory, we must confirm the scientific validity and reliability of the forensic services we provide to the criminal justice system. Our forensic scientists, crime scene specialists and other forensic support personnel, work with integrity and commitment every day to ensure the best forensic service to the citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County.

​​Our mission is as follows: The Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency (I-MCFSA) shall provide forensic services to the Marion County Community by supporting the needs of the criminal justice system. The forensic services provided shall be built on a foundation of quality, integrity, accountability and ethics. All I‑MCFSA personnel shall strive to meet forensic needs of today and into the future in all their work endeavors.


The (I-MCFSA) provides forensic laboratory services to local public safety agencies. Established in 1985 by city-county ordinance, the I-MCFSA became an independent county agency under the authority of the Forensic Services Board. The laboratory provides forensic support to all Marion County public safety agencies to include the examination of physical evidence at crime scenes for the purpose of recognition, collection and preservation for forensic analysis. The (I-MCFSA) provides forensic laboratory services that include; firearms; questioned documents; serology and DNA; latent fingerprint development and identification; instrumental analysis (i.e., drugs,fire debris); evidence recovery and preservation; photography; video services and forensic autopsy support to the Marion County Coroner. The I-MCFSA furnishes expert testimony in these forensic disciplines, when requested, and will provide prompt, accurate and thorough responses to all requests for forensic service.​

In 1985, the total laboratory staff consisted of eleven employees. Today, this agency is authorized a strength of sixty-eight employees. Annually, the I-MCFSA processes over 65,000 items of evidence completing 10,000 - 12,000 criminal case requests.  The volume of work has led to discussions about new forensic laboratory space needs and personnel to ensure that quality forensic services continues as a highly valued component of the criminal justice system in Indianapolis and Marion County. 


​Forensic Services Agency
40 S. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: (317) 327-3670
Fax: (317) 327-3607

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