Enhanced Access Review Committee
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Enhanced Access Review Committee

Section 285-302 of the Municipal Code for the Consolidated City of Indianapolis and Marion County defines "Enhanced Access" to public records as:

  1. Access to computerized information or government services by means of an electronic device other than an electronic device provided by a public agency in the office of the public agency; or
  2. The computerized compilation or creation of a list or report that does not result in the permanent electronic storage of the information.

State law and municipal code also provides for the collection of fees for the use of enhanced access services and the use of those funds to pay for enhanced access projects. The Enhanced Access Review Committee was created to review enhanced access projects and to provide recommendations to the Information Technology Board on enhanced access fees and the use of enhanced access funds for projects.

Enhanced Access Review Committee Members

Joseph O'Connor, Marion County Assessor
Julie Voorhies, Marion County Auditor, proxy Michele Pero
Claudia Fuentes, Marion County Treasurer - proxy Cindy Land
Myla Eldridge, Marion County Clerk of the Courts - proxy Russell Hollis
Brett Wineinger, Office of Finance and Management
Geneva Roembke,Board Chair, Information Services Agency
Katherine Sweeney Bell, Marion County Recorder
Courtney Bennett, Office of Code Enforcement
Daniel Altman, Legal Counsel

Enhanced Access Review Committee Meeting Materials