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Application Development
This division provides Application Development and Web Administration services to local government agencies and citizens who utilize the IndyGov website to conduct business with government online.  The division works closely with IT business partners and customers to translate their business needs into creative desktop and Web solutions. In addition, this division is responsible for the evaluation and qualification of software development vendors who offer application development services to local government. Along with application development duties is the ongoing effort to update and maintain the IndyGov website.  This division also maintains the platform on which the website is based which allows departments and agencies to manage their own web content.  This allows the Internet staff to concentrate their efforts in other areas, while maintaining current Web content and a consistent appearance.

Geographic Information Services (GIS)
One of the most visible divisions of ISA, Geographic Information Services is a contracted division that hosts and provides GIS (geographic information systems) services for the enterprise.  These services include designing and managing a series of GIS servers for storing and retrieving data, assisting users with geographical analysis and training, creating custom tools (applications) for using GIS data (from desktop or web), and cartographic services (map making).

Program Management
Business Relationship Management
In order to achieve the goal of being a strategic partner to our customer, ISA created the Business Relationship Management Office (BRM).  Each department and agency across the City/County has an individual from this office assigned to them. The goal of this union is for the BRM to establish a close relationship with their assigned agency, and gain a thorough understanding of their business.  This relationship allows opportunities for the BRM to identify areas where technology can be utilized to increase efficiency and enhance performance.  The BRM assists their customer by identifying needs and obtaining resources to alleviate problems and innovate solutions.  The success of the BRM Office is measured by customer satisfaction.

Project Management
Certain initiatives cross many agencies and offer the opportunity to enact enterprise-wide solutions.  The Project Management Office manages these broad ventures.  The individuals of this office form partnerships with stake-holding departments and agencies, bringing together the correct mix of technical skills, and project management experience to develop these plans and bring them to fruition. 

Administration and Finance
This division is responsible for invoicing and collections of the pass-thru costs of IT support.  Finance also deals with contract management, procurement, and payroll/HR.  It is also involved in budget preparation activities.  This extends beyond just the development of ISA's internal budget in that ISA assists other City-County agencies in planning for their IT costs. This division also contains ISA's Training and Communications staff.
Operations Management/Technical Architecture
This division maintains the day-to-day performance of the core infrastructure, the IT machinery that runs the enterprise.  Nearly every established computing activity is managed here: Helpdesk, Mainframe, Network, and IT security. Additional responsibilities include the deployment of new PCs, and the disposal of old equipment.  This area manages all facets of telecommunications for City/County departments and agencies.