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Welcome to the all new
indygov redesign

Welcome to the newly designed web site.

We have put considerable time and effort into redesigning the website for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County. We hope you like the results of the work and that you find the site useful to you.

The first thing you may have noticed was the new look and feel of the site. This includes a new logo in the header and footer and inclusion of branding elements that are being used throughout the City and County. In addition, as you visit department and agency sub-sites within, you will notice some differences from the main site. We have worked with the various components of local government here to provide the means to distinguish their sites from others here on this portal. Take a look at the Marion County Sheriff's Department site or the Marion County Election Board's site for a couple of examples. You will notice different background images and different color schemes applied to sites.

In addition to the new graphic design of the site, there are a number of features that we have included in the site that are designed to make the site easier to use and more appealing:

  • New header and footer

    We have added some new links in the header and footer of all pages on this site to take you to some common destinations within the site.

  • New site-wide top of page navigation

    We have made some changes to help you move around the site a little better. All pages now feature the same navigation at the top of the page. Clicking on one of the eight categories in orange type will expand the header to present the various sub-sites that relate to that part of local government. No more chasing a drop down menu with your mouse.

  • New side navigation

    Within each site the navigation for that site is now on the left side of the page. As with the top navigation, clicking on a heading for a sub-site will expand that part of the navigation if there are additional pages or sites below that.

  • Links to Social Media sites

    We have added links to social media sites used by various Departments and Agencies. These will be consistently displayed below the side navigation on the left sides of pages for those Agencies and Departments who have them.