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Photo of Sheriff John R. Layton
Sheriff John R. Layton
Photo of Colonel Eva Talley-Sanders
Colonel Eva Talley-Sanders
Chief Deputy

Criminal Division

Photo of Lt. Colonel Byron Grandy
Lt. Colonel Byron Grandy
Criminal Division Commander

Assistant Commanders

Major Reggie Roney Sr. (Warrants/Court Security/Public Services Section/Special Services/MCSO Reserves/Support Services)

Jail Division

Photo of Lt. Colonel Royce Cole
Lt. Colonel Royce Cole
Jail Division Commander

Jail Division Majors

Major Deborah Sullivan
Major Melissa Hiner
Major Tammy Wood

Civil Division

Photo of Lt. Colonel William Gigerich
Lt. Colonel William Gigerich
Civil Division Commander

Assistant Commanders

Major Mark Hurt (Assistant Division Commander)

Administration Division

Photo of Lt. Colonel Louis Dezelen
Lt. Colonel Louis Dezelen
Administration Division Commander

Assistant Commanders

Major Scott Mellinger (Director of Training) 317.327.1440
Major Hank Bosworth (Administration Liaison) 317.327.1200
Angie Grider (Director of Human Resources) 317.327.1507
Brenda Dossey (Director of Finance) 317.327.1525
Chaplain Michael A. Wolley (Senior Chaplain) 317.327.1608

Communications Division

Photo of Lt. Colonel Bart McAtee
Lt. Colonel Bart McAtee
Communications Division Commander
Photo of Carolea Walters
Carolea Walters
Director of the Marion County Sheriff's 911 Center

Community Liaisons

Photo of Sharon Tabard
Sharon Tabard
Photo of Diana Vanarsdall
Diana Vanarsdall


The Marion County Sheriff's Office is divided into five divisions. They include the Administration, Communications, Civil, Criminal and Jail Divisions. Each division is further divided into sections and units.