Jail - Sending Money
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Deposits can be made to commissary accounts of inmates currently in the Marion County Jail via the U.S. Mail but only Postal Prepaid Money Orders, other accredited prepaid money orders, and U.S. government checks are accepted.  Cash, personal or payroll checks, and credit card numbers are not accepted.  All money orders received for deposit on inmate accounts must be made payable to Marion County Jail Commissary.  The inmate's name, cell housing unit (cell block number), date of birth and Gallery number must appear on the money order and the name must be the one that the inmate used whey they were processed into the jail.  Money orders without the necessary information will be returned to the sender.  Please use this address format when sending money orders to the jail.

Inmate Accounty Manager
Inmate's name & Gallery #
Cell Housing Number
Marion County Jail
40 South Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Cash deposits can be made to commisary accounts using our kiosks at the following 3 lcoations:

  • Jail Lobby 40 S Alabama Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • 24 hour access at the Jail 40 S. Alabama
  • 24 hour access at the City County Building Lobby 200 E. Washington

Deposts can be to an inmate commissary account using credit cards by calling 1-888-604-7888.