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Law Enforcement Analysis & Response Network

On behalf of Sheriff John Layton and the Indiana Sheriffs' Association,
Welcome to the Law Enforcement Analysis & Response Network.  The purpose of this Network is to provide an information sharing tool for authorized criminal justice personnel in Marion County and around the State of Indiana.
L. E. A. R. N. is a constantly evolving network aimed at keeping law enforcement ahead of the criminals.
L. E. A. R. N. began in 1999 as a single criminal intelligence database CrimeNtel designed to be compliant with the law (28 CFR 23).  It provides multiple jurisdictions the ability to share and analyze intelligence with integrated and automated tools for maintaining compliance and protecting civil rights.  Phase II is POLICEintel.  The POLICEintel web portal came online in June 2011 to facilitate the sharing and discussion of law enforcement investigations, intelligence, and professional development topics. POLICEintel contains less sensitive information than CrimeNtel yet still complies with 28 CFR 23.
If you are a law enforcement officer, correctional officer, or analyst and would like to make CrimeNtel your official criminal intelligence database or use it as an additional resource, send a request to the contact at the bottom of the page.
If you would like to be involved in the POLICEintel component, go to http://learn.policeintel.com and follow the instructions.
Enjoy the L. E. A. R. N. and use it daily for the best chance of solving and preventing crime.
Gang & Intelligence Unit
Marion County Sheriff's Office
40 S. Alabama St.
Indianapolis, IN  46204
(317) 327-1799