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Internship Opportunity

Overview of the Department

The Marion Superior Court Probation Department serves all adult and juvenile probationers in Marion County. The Department employs more than 200 probation officers and supervises approximately 11,000 adult offenders and approximately 6,000 juvenile offenders, making it the largest probation department in the state of Indiana. Probation officers are assigned to either the adult or juvenile division and both include: screening, report writing, and supervision.

Primary Goal of the Internship Program

The primary goal of the internship program of the Marion Superior Court Probation Department is to expose future professionals to the criminal justice system and the functions of probation in Indiana and Marion County. This learning opportunity focuses on observation and practical experience in most areas that probation officers are assigned. Supervision of interns is provided by senior officers in an attempt to significantly contribute to the student’s development.

Possible Internship Duties and Responsibilities

Initially, interns spend much of the time observing and learning the various tasks of probation officers. As the intern’s skill level increases, he/she will have the opportunity to complete the tasks under the direction of a senior officer

Internship Requirements

  • B.S. Internship - Junior or Senior status in a criminal justice program or related field of study (Senior status is preferred).
  • Master’s levels can also be arranged to satisfy most degrees.
  • Although full-time internships are preferred, part-time scheduling can be arranged. (Minimum of 16 hrs per week)
  • Associates Degree candidate’s internships are focused more on administrative duties.
  • All internship candidates are subject to a criminal records check and verification of references.
  • Internships are unpaid

For further information please contact:

Cathy Johnson
Quality Assurance and Development Officer
Marion Superior Court Probation Department
3920 Madison Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 327-8280