Juvenile Services
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The Juvenile Services Division of Marion Superior Court Probation Department consists of  over 100 staff who are responsible for receiving, processing, and supervision of over 10,000 youth each year.  The division consists of two 24/7 operations which are responsible for all intake operations for any youth under the age of 18 who is arrested in Marion County on a status or delinquency offense.  They also process juveniles under the age of 18 who are arrested on direct file charges in the adult system.  Casework operations provide supervision for both pre-adjudicated(Pretrial) cases as well as probation cases.


Contact Information:

    Probation Receptionist (Juvenile Court Complex)    (317) 327-8784

   Receptionist (Eastside Office)                                 (317) 327-8130

  Receptionist (Southside Office)                               (317) 327-8220

  RSR  (24/7)                                                          (317) 327-8780

  Juvenile Detention Center                                        (317) 327-8300

Hours Of Operation:

  7:00AM - 4:30PM       Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  7:00AM - 6:30PM      Tuesday and Thursday