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The Marion Superior Court Probation Department is an unified, urban probation system which employs 238 employees. The Department, which consolidated adult and juvenile services in 2005, operates in a de-centralized, community-based model with locations throughout Marion County. The majority of juvenile probation officers work a school-based probation model from local high schools. Probation services are offered to both pre-trial and post-trial populations.

Judicial supervision is provided by the Honorable Grant Hawkins and the Marion Superior Court Executive Committee.

In 2005, the department committed to an operational emphasis on Evidence-Based Practices with a defined focus on practices that have been proven to impact change with the clients we serve.

The Marion Superior Court Alcohol and Drug Services (MSCADS) is administered through the Adult Division and meets all requirements of certification through the Indiana Judicial Center.

Since 2006, the Juvenile Division has been engaged in the Annie E. Casey Foundation sponsored Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) to lessen reliance on juvenile incarceration in lieu of developing alternative community-based programs which provide better treatment results while not compromising community safety.