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Community Prosecution Division


The Marion County Prosecutor’s Community Prosecution Division is committed to improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Deputy prosecutors and district coordinators are embedded within each of the six IMPD Districts, as well as the police departments of Lawrence, Beech Grove, and Speedway, as part of an effort to proactively prosecute crimes and mediate community concerns.

Community Prosecution staff also interact with neighborhoods to implement proactive, problem-solving approaches to address local issues. Deputy prosecutors and district coordinators are available to attend meetings with community groups, faith-based organizations, neighborhood associations and business associations and can connect local residents and businesses with crime prevention programs offered by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Please contact the deputy prosecutor or coordinator listed below or contact the office at or (317) 327-3522 for more information or to request the participation of a representative from the Prosecutor’s Office at your next community meeting.

Northwest District

3821 Industrial Blvd.
Indianapolis IN  46254

Deputy Prosecutor
Drew Wignall
(317) 327-6652

District Coordinator:

Teah Averett
(317) 327-6675

Southeast District

1150 S. Shelby St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Deputy Prosecutor:

Meagan Dial
(317) 327-6333

District Coordinator:
Leah Weidner

Southwest District

551 N. King Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Deputy Prosecutor:
Julie Fred
317) 327-6429​​​

District Coordinator:
Teresa Combs
(317) 327-6435

North District

3120 E. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Deputy Prosecutor:
Rob Reel
317) 327-6116

District Coordinator:
A.J. Deer
(317) 327-6115​

Downtown District

251 E. Ohio St. Suite 160
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Deputy Prosecutor:
Mary Ann Fleetwood
(317) 327-5291

East District

201 N. Shadeland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Deputy Prosecutor:
Dirk Cushing
(317) 327-6233

District Coordinator:
Mariann Scott
(317) 327-6258

Beech Grove / Lawrence / Speedway

Deputy Prosecutor:
Sharon Ely
317) 664-1898

Offered by the
Marion County Prosecutor’s
Community Prosecution Division

Schedule a presentation at:
(317) 327-3522 or
Burglary and property crime prevention: Protecting your home and vehicle from crime.
Fraud and abuse protection: Elder fraud and scam prevention for seniors.
Project CyberSafe: Educating children and parents about the dangers of online behavior and legal consequences of cyberbullying.
Choices Not Chances: Teaching youth the consequences of choices through scenarios involving gangs, bullying, and dating violence.