Witness Information
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Witness Information

How do I know when to appear in court?

You will receive a subpoena telling you the date, time and the court in which you must appear.  Your testimony may determine an outcome; therefore, your presence and cooperation is very important.  Your employer is required by law to allow you time off to appear in court when you receive a subpoena.

What do I do on the day that I am to appear in court?

Take your subpoena with you.  Do not bring pocket knives, mace, sharp objects or weapons as you will be required to pass through a security check with metal detectors.  Items taken by the Sheriff's Department will not be returned.

All municipal and felony criminal courts are located within the City-County Building at 200 E. Washington St.  Parking is available near the building at metered spots and in paid parking lots. Many IndyGo bus routes also stop near the building at Delaware and Washington streets.

Inside the City-County Building, go to the courtroom indicated on your subpoena.  The City-County Building has three wings.  A directory of courtroom locations is available on the first floor near the main elevators. If you need assistance, an information desk is located on the first floor in the lobby of the center tower.

What is my role in court?

Tell the truth.

Speak clearly and answer only the questions asked.

If you don't know the answer to a question, say so.

Stop immediately if the judge interrupts you or if the prosecutor or defense attorney objects.

Dress neatly and be polite.

Remain calm, and always answer carefully and honestly.