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​Language Services
The Latino Services and Burmese Services staff members provide a critical role in the prosecution and crime prevention services of the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. Serving as the contact persons for Spanish and Burmese-speaking victims and witnesses involved in criminal cases investigated or prosecuted by the office, they meet with witnesses and prosecutors and serve as interpreters at trials, depositions, and other proceedings. They also provide outreach to the Latino Burmese communities and assist in making many of the office's educational crime prevention programs available in Spanish and Burmese.

Crime prevention presentations:

Many free crime prevention presentations are available in Spanish and Burmese to community, faith-based, and other groups. 

For more information or to schedule a presentation in Spanish or Burmese, please contact our office at or contact Maria Wildridge (Spanish Services) at (317) 327-5293 or Lun Pieper (Burmese Services) at (317) 327-5621.

  • Project CyberSafe: The dangers of online behavior, protecting personal information on social media and the legal consequences of cyberbullying. Available for student or adult/parent audiences.
  • Fraud Prevention: Learn how to protect your personal information and finances.​
  • Safety by Design: Burglary Prevention: Learn how to protect your home, vehicle, and businesses from crime. ​
  • ​Safety by Design: Property Audits: Free property audits are available for neighborhoods, small businesses, rental properties, and apartment communities focused on deterring criminal behavior.
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