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Conflict Division

Conflict Administrator: Rick Ford(317) 920-9720

Juvenile Administrator: Regina Tidwell (317) 924-3545

Conflict Paralegal: Kandyce Highbaugh (317) 327-4509

To contact your public defender, visit: Attorneys by Court

To contact the paralegal assigned to your court, visit: Paralegals by Court

The Conflict Panel was created to handle conflict cases for the Public Defender Agency. Although a part of the Agency, the Conflict Panel is administered by an outside attorney to insure its integrity.

The Conflict Division is assigned cases whenever there is a co-defendant of a Public Defender client or when an actual conflict arises between a PD or any party or witness in a case. Each major felony court has one contractual attorney assigned to represent co-defendants in Public Defender cases. The Misdemeanor/D Felony & Juvenile courts have a pool of contractual attorneys who are assigned cases on a rotational basis.

If you need to talk with your Conflict Attorney, call their office directly as they do not have offices within the Public Defender Agency.